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  • 11:36:07 am on September 30, 2006 | 0

    It is the night to remember not only for Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Mahallah Ameenah, but also for the whole community of  International Islamic University Malaysia.

    The Annual Vision Award was previously known as the Annual Appreciation Night. It is a program organised by Mahallah Ali for residents who were actively involved in progams and activities at mahallah level.

    Special performance from Mahallah Ali & Mahallah Ameenah

    Tan Sri Prof Dr Mohd Kamal Hassan surround by students after the program

    Hostel Assistant Manager, Che Rus B Pin receives a token of appreciation from the principal

    The objective of this program is to encourage residents participation in the Mahallah and University activities as well as a recognition of their high achievements in university’s curricular.

    The Annual Vision Award was organised to appreciate the contributions of Mahallah Ali and Ameenah’s residents toward achieving the vision and mission of IIUM.

    Furthermore, it helps to build relationship between the residents of Mahallah, principal, fellows and the administrative staff of mahallah.

    The most important objective is to develop the spirit of sharing and cooperation among the residents in assisting the mahallah management to maintain the ISO 9001:2000 qualification.

    Second collaboration between Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Mahallah Ameenah showed great success and became the focus in the university.

    Banners and posters were distributed and displayed around the campus to promote the event.

    Annual Vision Award became the first event that combined all mahallah by introducing them as the presenter in each category.

    Program manager, Wan Muhammad Haeqal W Husin said, “The Annual Vision Award introduced a new concept and presentation in celebrating the students achievement.Moreover, this program will be remembered as one of the last great events attended by our Honourable Rector, Prof. Dr. Mohd Kamal Hassan.”

    Nominees were competing for seven different categories which were Cultural Excellence Award, Leadership Excellence Award, Sport Excellence Award, Best Exco, Best Secretariat, The Most Promising Resident and Principal Award. 

    Muslim M A Abu Umar, a student from Palestine was announced as the recipient for the Most Promising Resident.

    The selection was based on his involvement at university level and it is hope that it will be continued to the mahallah level in the future.

    Mohd Nizam Ahamad, a final year student who is also the former president of Mahallah Ali Representative Committe was chosen to be the winner for the Principal Award.

    Public Relations Office played an important role in making this event being highlighted throughout the media. At the same time, MRC media team through Publication & ICT secretariat managed to highlight the event in Utusan Malaysia.

    Prof Dr Mohd Kamal Hassan was impressed with the achievements of both Mahallah and he hoped that MRC will continue to be the key player to fulfill the Triple ICE mission of the university.- ALIF newsletter


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