Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib :: The Leading Mahallah in IIUM :: International Islamic University Malaysia

  • 11:57:55 am on September 30, 2006 | 0

    The Inter-Mahallah Debating Championship was based on the idea of the largely successful IIU Novice Debating tournament that was held last year. The aim is to provide an avenue for young debaters to hone their talents in the area of speech and critical thinking.

    Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Mahallah Ameenah were given an honour to be the first two Mahallah that organised this championship with the support from  SPICE department and the English and Arabic Debating Club.

    The objective of this championship is to bridge the ties between the Mahallah with the debaters and impart them with wisdom and knowledge. Furthermore, it also helps to ascertain individuals who might have the potential to represent the university in future debating tournaments and train them accordingly.

    Teams from English and Arabic categories had to go through four grueling rounds over the weekend starting from 18th to 19th February 2006.

    In the end, teams from Mahallah Ali, Hafsah, Uthman and Halimah managed to reach the finals of Arabic. Meanwhile, the teams from Mahallah Al Siddiq, Uthman, Bilal and Hafsah battled in the English category. – Alif newsletter


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