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  • 11:39:17 am on September 30, 2006 | 0

    Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib received many complaints regarding bad condition of toilets in few residential blocks.

    This issue had been brought up to the Deputy Rector, Ustaz Hamidon through a meeting between the MRC  and the administrative staffs few months ago. A report had been sent to his office that needs a quick solution to solve this problem.

    Recently, delegation from Sudan  University of Science and Technology (SUST)and University of Science Malaysia (USM) lodged complaints to mahallah’s office due to the bad toilet condition in Mahallah Ali. They were shocked because most of the toilets are not functioning well .

    They stayed in Mahallah Ali for couple of weeks during the semester holiday to attend a program ini Kuala Lumpur.

    “There is nothing that we could do to refute the visitors complaints regarding this issue. We have sent many reports in couple of months ago and we really hope that an action should be taken as soon as possible to solve this issue,” said Abdul Fatah Ahmad who is the chairperson of the Residential Affair.

    Meeting that had been conducted by the MRC agreed to launch a cleanliness campaign by producing manual guidelines to use this facility.

    MRC’s President, Faizal Che Meh mentioned “Even though the toilets need a period of time to be fixed by IIUM Property, it does not mean the cleanliness of the toilet would be abandon. Each and every resident is responsible regarding this matter.”    

    Another suggestion is to conduct a community service. In fact, the dirtiest block would be announced every two weeks after the block inspection progress. The announcement would be pasted on the notice board in every college.

    The college administration still working on every complaint from the residents. It will be send to the respective authority so that an action could be taken immediately.

    Any students who are not satisfied with the delay, please come to the residential college office and obtain the latest information regarding the complaints that have been lodged.


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