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  • 05:31:33 pm on September 30, 2006 | 0

    Name = Ephram
    E-mail =

    I hope you may restore gymnasium at Ali, I saw the weight room has been transformed to be an ugly dumped store. Gym at sport complex is way far of and closes very early. In those good old days I used to workout at Ali’s gym after midnight with all calmness and serenity, without people coming in and disturb. But now, there is no more.

    I also suggest you to restore the TV room for our sake. We Ali’s residents also miss those good old days of watching our favorite series in Ali’s TV room. Our life’s so dull without it. Take lesson from Siddiq’s TV room by enhancing the security measure so that the TV set will not be vandalized again.

    Do you know that we all suffer from missing our favorite series?

    I know we are here to study, but once or twice we need some entertainment during spare time, and so frustrated to find the entire public TV in male colleges are screening the same soccer match. When the World Cup is nearer and people go crazy about football, they’ll just flock in to every TV set in the college at the expense of others who love different TV programs.

    Ali College can make a difference by offering TV room which is not offered by other colleges TV program like BBC, 8tv or RTM TV2 can be on the list. Believe me; you’ll be surprised to find a lot of people honoring your college.

    Please suggest to Ali’s cafe to provide plain water for the needed as it is a standard practice in every cafe in UIA to provide free air kosong at all time. No need to ask, you understand.

    I hope my humble suggestions will be taken into your consideration.


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