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    After three issues of ALIF distributed to all 13 respective mahallah in IIUM for the last two semesters, number of copies need to be reprinted due to high  demands from Mahallah Ali’s residents and other mahallah since a few months ago.

    ALIF newletters distributed and placed at the common area such as the residential office, visitors lounge, canteen and shops.

    At the same time, ALIF was also distributed to Kolej Kediaman Kedua Universiti Putra Malaysia, (UPM).

    The Branding Management Program gave good impact to the mahallah and the univerisity as a whole.

    Small representative

    Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib becomes small representative in channelling the spirit of Intergration,  Islamization, Internationalization and Comprahensive Excellence to others.

    One of the comments received through email  was the consistent effort made by the MRC through ALIF newsletter in introducing and recognising the effort of administrative staffs, especially the principal, hostel assistant manager and fellows in making Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib as the leading mahallah in IIUM.

    Picture tells you everything

    “Picture tells you everything,” said one of the students during the survey. Mohd Saiful Hizzam, resident of Mahallah Siddiq said that ALIF newsletter continuosly mentioned the effort made by the mahallah’s administration in helping the MRC to fulfill their responsibility.

    He added, “Since the first Alif newsletter which I received personally at the canteen, I noticed that ALIF will make sure the principal must be appeared at the front page. Yet, it still continue until their latest issue last semester. ALIF play an important role in creating the sense of respect toward the administration.”

    However, ALIF newsletter facing another great challenge in its editorial work.

    Minimise the error

    Mohd Fakrush Syakirin, a  resident of Mahallah Uthman said that he did not satisfy with the grammartical errors that appeared in the latest issue of ALIF, “ALIF shows great improvement in reporting the event. Yet the grammartical errors need to be corrected and minimised in the next issue.”

    More residents to get involve.

    Soon, Publication and ICT secretariat is searching for more residents of Mahallah Ali to be recruited as journalists in reporting the events inside and outside the campus.

    The secretariat estimated that there will be 10 to 20 residents will be  trained for this job.

    As been mentioned by the head of secreatriat, Publication and ICT,  “It is time for us to get more serious in our job. As the one of the earliest newsletter published at the mahallah level, we need to treat them like a  real journalist. For this purpose we already listed some potential journalist who willingly to conduct a short course for them.”

    New publication in the campus.

    The ALIF team felt surprise with  newletters published by other mahallah. Mahallah Ali  received newletters from six different mahallah. Mostly  were  published by sisters residential college.

    “We have read and studied every single newsletter produced by other mahallah and learn new things that help us to increase the quality of ALIF. We are suprised that format of news introduced by ALIF was followed by one of male residential college,” he added.

    An effort to promote IICE.

    ALIF introduced in new format with simple presentation and understand the need of readers. Yet, it did not stop there.

    He mentioned, ” We follow the format of newspapers, especially the way how photos were taken, the caption, masta head, font size for the text with some modification so that it fit with our publication.” 

    The sub-committees putting their effort in writing mahallah news in promoting IIICE at community level.

    Believe it or not, most of the news appeared in newspapers and magazines were written by them.

    He said, “This is the strength of MRC Ali. We realise that newspaper journalists give great impact in reporting news for mahallah. Yet, it is better for us to create our own journalist as part of learning process. The student life should be like that. There is no learning process if we getting someone from outside to report for us all the time, we need to get into it and learn it through try and error. We need the skill and we need to learn it”

    High cost delayed Alif.

    The deficiency of  ALIF is it is not been produced  in colour due to the high cost that need to be covered by the MRC.

    ALIF is 100% produced with the sacrifice of each MRC member who willingly to pay from their own pocket money with the help from Mahallah Ali’s administration.

    Early semester.

    It is Publication and ICT’s policy for not producing the newsletter at the end of every semester. A small study made by the secretariat showed that students are not eager to know what is happening in the campus due to examination and assignments that need to be submitted at the end of the semester.The impact is below expectation.

    “We may won many competition and organised some great events, yet it is useless to share these great news if it comes out at the wrong time,” he concluded.- Alif Newsletter


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