Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib :: The Leading Mahallah in IIUM :: International Islamic University Malaysia

  • 09:24:44 am on September 30, 2006 | 0

    Mahallah Ali Assistant Manager, Che Rus Bin Pin officially retired on 6th May 2006. In conjunction with his retirement, a farewell dinner took place in Sri Amar Restaurant at Wangsa Melawati. Thirty important guests including the principal, staff, fellow and MRC Ali came together to celebrate it.

    “As the first and only female staff that was being transferred to the male college, working with Che Rus is an unforgettable experience in my life. It is funny when I’m trying to recall those memories back. His name (Che Rus) made me think that there is another female worker in this college,” said Wan Hasinah Wan Jaafar, a senior administrative staff. 

    Rafizal Eusoff, who is a fellow, described Che Rus Pin as “The Moustache Guy”. His name is being feared by all residents. Whenever they break the rules, his name will be mentioned to scared them.

    “It is hard for me to believe that a person like Che Rus who physicaly looks so serious willingly to sing P. Ramlee’s song together with the residents during Mahallah Ali Leadership Camp last year,” said another fellow, Izani Othman who is also serve as the senior administrative assistant (MSD).

    During the occasion, Che Rus mentioned, ” This is just a retirement from the position. However, the spirit to work still burns and it would never end.”

    In terms of the relation between the staff and the students in Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib, he admitted it is very difficult to communicate with the students, especially MRC if he could not understand the mind of the youths in the 21st century like them.

    He added, “If I communicate with the students like a 55 years old person, I believe we could not obtain all the mahallah’s achievements and a good cooperation with the students. Therefore, I set my mind and my speech style as same as a person who is still 20 years old.”

    The administration and MRC hold this recipe in order to create a good relation with all the residents. The concept as one big family that being uphold by Mahallah Ali does not only happen inside the college, but also outside the university.

    The positive signs that being shown by the principal and the fellows either in terms of lending their hands or support with materials have given the spirit to the MRC members to strive together in order to make Mahallah Ali well-known to everyone.

    Che Rus also reminded “Whatever achievements that we obtained are not permanent, learn the successment of other mahallah too and of course at the same time, try to uphold the good name of Mahallah Ali as the leading mahallah in IIUM.”


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