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  • 11:45:00 am on September 30, 2006 | 0

    Chinese state security officers arrested Wei Jingsheng, an electrician, on March 29, 1979. Among his major crimes: writing essays arguing for democracy. Wei, who would spend 18 years in jail and become a prominent symbol  power of the written word, was placed in the Beijing detention center.

    Chinese authorities feared Wei, recognizing that writing has an almost magical power: Words on paper, created by ordinary citizens, have overthrown governments and changed the course of history.

    So powerful is writing that the beginnings of civilization and history are most often defined as the moment cultures develop it. Anthropologists can only paint outlines of ancient societies that had no writing; a written record provides the human details history, belief, names and dates, thought, and emotion.

    No other invention perhaps only the wheel comes close has had a longer and greater impact. Writing helped to preserve the Holy Quran as the final testament to all mankind.

    If you are a resident from other mahallah but you are keen in contributing your idea to ALIF in terms of opinion, news report about society or club or anything that has to do with writing, we would welcome you. Send your full name, contact number and your e-mail address to today. Your masterpiece would be published in ALIF and through online.- Alif Newsletter


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