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  • 11:50:12 am on September 30, 2006 | 0

    Last semester, Publication and ICT Secretariat received two new members to be a part of the editorial board of ALIF, the official newsletter of Mahallah Ali.

    Aliff Mohd Noor is the first year student, under the Bachelor Program in English and Literature was appointed as the editor.

    At the same time, Mohd Nor Ashraf Arshad was appointed to as the creative designer. He is responsible to design banner, bunting, poster for any events organised and participated by  residents of Mahallah Ali.

    Alif received comments.

    Zamri Mohamad, the chairperson for Publication and ICT Secretariat said, “ALIF received lot of comments and suggestion made by the readers. In line with our Branding Management Program, correction and improvement need to be done as soon as possible.”

    Meanwhile, the official website of Mahallah Ali, ALIMAN recently received more than 2100 visitors since it had been launched a few months ago.

    The secretariat still in the process to upload more contents for the visitors.

    It is for the world.

    “ALIMAN is not only visited by the residents. The WebTV that been hosting by YOuTube received some good responds from the visitors who watched it. ALIMAN is not only for the university, it is for the world,” he added.

    Publication and ICT Secretariat is in the process to produce the first magazine for the residents.- ALIF newsletter


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