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  • 06:45:57 am on October 1, 2006 | 0


    Mahallah Representative Committees of IIUM in collaboration with IIUM Cultural and Arts Unit have organized  Inter-Mahallah Sculpture Competition 2005  participated by six mahallah on 5th of September 2005.

    Recycling programme in the university began after the successful campaign of the ‘The Recycling Generation’.

    Realizing the fact that recycling programme is an influential method to move the students in appreciating the environment, the notion of the Inter-Mahallah Sculpture Competition based on recycle materials has been established.

    The competition gave spaces for the participated students to think and analyze the values and forms of recycling rather than wasting it.

    Mahallah Ali Representative Committe highly supports this mission by sending the residents to join the competition.Mahallah Ali is the only  male’s residential college that send the participants.

    The objectives of this competition are to create awareness among residents on the importance of recycling, motivating residents to get involved in recycling programme, provide an avenue for the students to express their creativity in recycling and to enhance the brotherhood among the residents.

    With the theme, “Recycle with Creativity”, 15 students from Mahallah Ali joined their hands together and won the third place in this Inter-Mahallah Sculpture Competition for I-POCKET Show 2005.- ALIF Newsletter


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