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    There is nothing more valuable for the Mahallah Ali Representative Committee (MRC) than to meet the right guru that can give the right teaching to be followed.

    Because of this purpose, MRC Ali in collaboration with MRC Saffiyah have organized the Mahabbah Visit to Kolej Kedua, Universiti Putra Malaysia on Saturday, 7th January 2006.

    Kolej Kedua has been regarded as the most active college in UPM and it is an opportunity for the MRC to learn and come out with some new ideas for the better improvement in IIUM’s residential college.

    It is quite surprising to see the facilities provided by the residential college administration which receives a lot of support from the university.

    Kolej Kedua offers some great facilities for the students which includes gymnasium, kitchen, jamming studio, multi purpose hall, fully air-condition musolla, reading room and discussion room that can be fully utilized by them. ALIF Newsletter

    It is an interesting thing to see that their college representative committee was also provided with state of the art facilities that help them to organize any program. They were provided with their own operational room for each secretariat.

    For example, UPM provides the Publication Secretariat with their own editorial and editing room. In addition, there was an archive room as the place for them to put all the audio-video materials that includes recorded tapes, videos, digital camera and others.

    The resident’s participation in college   activities also is very good. Indeed it was proven through the activities organized by their block representatives.

    “We not only play our role inside the residential college, but we also have strong influence on the decision and action made by the Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (Student Represenative Council). Indeed it is important for residential college representative in voicing out the needs and welfare of students so that the MPP will be more aware on that. This the way we help them,” said one of their representative during the tea break.

    Mohd Ali Fadzil, the co-chairperson of the Publication and ICT Secretariat said, “In terms of progress we do need a lot of hardwork and determination to follow their example, especially in student activities. We believe that Mahallah Ali will get continuous support from others.”

    The multimedia presentation on future agenda in Ali Branding Management Program, ALIF newsletter and Aliman, the official site of Mahallah Ali became the main focus by the same secretariat in UPM.

    In addition, the secretariats from both sides agree to work together on some new programs and seeking new ideas that can benefit all.

    MRC Ali managed to record the event and it will be uploaded and shown to the public through Aliman, the official website of Mahallah Ali.



  • Kunavathi /P Sinatore 2:22 am on March 21, 2007 | # | Reply

    I like reading in college and I apply.

  • MTM Board 2005-2006 8:07 am on May 28, 2007 | # | Reply

    Second College is going to be history. It will upgrading to International College (for foreigner students) soon. Only memories in our minds and hearts.

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