Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib :: The Leading Mahallah in IIUM :: International Islamic University Malaysia

  • 08:19:28 am on October 1, 2006 | 0

    Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon each Muslim. Therefore, Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib has initiated to be the first mahallah in IIUM to conduct the weekly Arabic language class. Through the effort of Publication and ICT secretariat, a series of meeting have been held in order to agree on the idea to live up the night in Mahallah Ali with more activities.

    A weekly language class will be held every Monday from 11.00 PM until midnight at the conference room. The class, ‘Learning Arabic Using Logic’ will be conducted in both Malay and English language. Anyone, especially to those who are not from religious school and without any strong background on Arabic language are encourage to join the class. The syllabus for teaching and learning is suitable for all levels.

    MRC is also in the progress to introduce other language classes such as Mandarin, French and Japanese. For any international students who wish to become a language instructor for any of these languages, please contact the committee or visit us at the MRC operational room for further discussions. ALIF Newsletter


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