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    What is the secret behind the continuous success of Mahallah Ali? There is only one word to describe it, brotherhood.

    According to the president of Mahallah Ali Representative Committee (MRC) brother Faizal Che Meh, “What we have now is because of the sacrifice made by the residents as well as the MRC to uphold the name of our mahallah as the leading mahallah in International Islamic University Malaysia.”

    The participation of Mahallah Ali in many competitions and programs exposed them to new skills and knowledge that help them to increase the quality of teamwork.

    “Becoming the champion in any competition is our target. But this result is not guaranteed. Therefore, we have to struggle to achieve it. The most important thing for the residents and the MRC is to support all the activities organized by the university,” he added.

    The spirit of brotherhood is the essence of survival for MRC. Failure to create the hattrick as the champion in the Inter-Mahallah Sports Carnival last year gave a worst impact on the performance of the MRC.

    “It is difficult to maintain the title as the champion. But, we did not take it easy. Almost at every meeting held, the MRC will stress on positives results for the mahallah to be the champion. Yet, when the thing happens in contra, most of the committe lost their confidence,” said the president.

    The story did not end here. Ashraf Saharudin, the chairperson for Sports and Recreational Secretariat has his own version to it, “I still remember the smiling faces of the MRC and atheletes when we for the first time introduce the Rajawali, the new sport mascot of our mahallah. The mascot gives us another perspective on  the meaning of the championship. To maintain our brotherhood and working as a team is far more important rather than to keep a trophy.”

    In their opinion, challenges do matter. A good skill in dealing with conflict is something that they need to learn at all times. Otherwise, it will lead to the lack of cooperation between the MRC, administrative staff, as well as the residents. Therefore, a mentor-mentee program has been introduced to assist the new committee in facing the upcoming conflict.

    “The principal and fellows played an important role to enhance the spirit of unity in the Mahallah. Their participation in every single program gave motivation for the MRC members to work harder. We do really hope that the residents may see this as an opportunity to get to know their principal and fellows better”, said Mohd Shakir Abd Ghafar, co-chairperson of Entrepreneurship Secretariat.

    One of the interesting questions that arise in their mind is the perception of MRC Ali towards the other 13 Mahallah in IIUM.

    Mohd Naim Sefian, Chairperson of Dakwah and Training Secretariat, answered, “In every meeting,  always focus on four elements vis-a-vis the other mahallah. The elements are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.”

    Furthermore, he added, “We always perceive them in a very positive way. In any competition, we’ll assume them to be well prepared. I do believe that in any business, looking down on your opponent is one of the biggest mistakes. Rather than to underestimate others, it is better for us to learn from them. I do believe most of us will do the same.”

    It is not theoretical, members of MRC Ali indeed show some effort to learn and improve more from what they have gained  from others.

    Since the previous batch of MRC, a series of visit to some residential colleges in other higher learning institutes has been organized by the Community Service Secretariat of Mahallah Ali.

    The introduction of official blue uniform for the main committee of MRC is actually an idea from their last visit to the UiTM. Meanwhile, an introduction to the weekly language classes in the mahallah is a reformation to liven up the night in Mahallah Ali as to follow the footstep of Kolej Kediaman Kedua UPM.

    “We always want to be the best. Yet, it is hard to achieve if we fail to be humble and acknowledge our imperfection. We noticed, by pretending that we have everything will not give us any spaces to improve. Lie gives us time not a solution.The visit to other residential colleges is not the time to show who is the best. It is better to take this opportunity to learn more from them and implement it based on our capability in making it real,” said Naim.

    For the vice president, Wan Muhammad Haeqal W Husin, he has a different story, “Empires are not brought down by outside forces – they are destroyed by weaknesses from within. In Mahallah Ali, our brotherhood makes us strong. Therefore, it is important for us to strengthen the ukhuwah and build up the spirit of brotherhood. Even in our MRC, there is no hierarchy system in our relationship. Of course when we do our jobs, everyone have their own roles but when it comes to relationship, everyone is the same regardless of our position in MRC.”

    Regarding the commitment he mentioned, “Being the mahallah representatives and organizing student activities is an amanah for us. Thus, we will try our best to give full commitment in order to fulfill our responsibilities. Here, we don’t simply do good things, rather we want to do great things.”

    Furthermore, he said, “Sometimes it is hard for us to get participation from our residents because of the time constraint and one of the big issue is, our university doesn’t practice the merit system like other universities do. Thus, students don’t have a motivation to take part in any mahallah’s activities because all of them can stay in campus. For a moment this problem makes us almost give up. However, we take it as a challenge for us as the leaders in this mahallah rather than an excuse for not joining any programs.”

    “Even though we didn’t become a champion in all competitions but I don’t think it is  a big deal because for me it’s not only about the ending, it’s about the journey. The most important thing is what we have learned from those programs.  Sometimes, you learn more about yourself when you lose,” he concluded. – ALIF Newsletter


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