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  • 06:47:25 am on October 1, 2006 | 0


    Team work and leadership skills are very important components in an organization.

    As to increase the spirit of team work, training is needed in order to bind the group together. Hence,  all the work could be done  effectively and efficiently.

    Therefore, Mahallah Ali Representative Committee has  organized a group binding programme namely Mahallah Ali Leadership Camp (MALiC) at Cermas Agropark, Pahang on 10th and 11th September 2005.


    Since most of the members are second year students, it is clear that a good leadership skill is needed in order to ensure an excellence future of the MRC’s generation.

    Furthermore, there were fellows that just been appointed. Therefore, this programme is very important for them in order to get to know the administration of  MRC, Mahallah as well as to promote the vision and mission of the university.

    With the theme, Esprit de Corps, this programme has its own target that need to be fulfilled.

    The objectives are to increase  the group binding among all the members of the MRC together with the Fellows and Principal.

    Furthermore, it is also a platform to discuss on the arising issues regarding on the future of the Mahallah and the MRC management such as the welfare issues, students activities, discipline and others. Finally is to guide the new MRC members on the leadership and management skills in facing the future challenges especially for the session of 2005/2006.- ALIF Newsletter


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