Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib :: The Leading Mahallah in IIUM :: International Islamic University Malaysia

  • 07:33:25 am on October 1, 2006 | 0

    Not only Trump, Publication and ICT Secretariat,  Mahallah Ali Representative Committee is also searching for the new apprentice. We are looking for the dynamic, team oriented, imaginative person to be part of this bureau.

    Publication and ICT Secretariat  is one of the most important secretariat in the MRC. You will be exposed with the art of journalism on how to get and write news, writing for the media,  layout and designing for the newsletter, creating and maintaining a website

    Student of Communication majoring in Print Media/ Journalism or any interested individual who has skill in designing is encourage to apply. The basic qualification to meet our demand are, willingly  to get involve and interact  with people, time for commitment, does not participate in any club or society that highlydemand for your  involvement and the most important is having your own PC.

    No Donald will be involved in the selection of the new MRC’s secretariat members. It is our decision to hired or fired you!  Your participation will increase the value of your own resume, making new contact and getting lot of benefits and experience as part of MRC’s family.For those who are interested, submit your name, room number,handphone number, email address, year of studies to our email now.

    Nothing personal, it is only a responsibility. to the mahallah  We are looking for our next and the best APPRENTICE. –ALIF Newsletter


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