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  • 07:16:49 am on October 1, 2006 | 0

    On 3rd December 2005, Mahallah Ali Representative Committee (MRC) under the management of Da’wah and Tarbiyah Secretariat has organized Mahallah Ali Ta’aruf Session (MA’ARUF)to welcome the new students  for  November 2005/2006 intake.

    It was the sequence from Ta’aruf programme in all mahallah which had took place from 23rd and 24th April 2005.


    Realizing the important of this program as an introduction to the rules and regulations as well as the lifestyle in mahallah, MRC initiated to organize this program once again.

    The objective of this program is to give an introduction on rules and regulations of the university which had been stated in Students’ Discipline Rules 2004 and Mahallah Standing Order 2004.

    The students were also exposed to the procedures in Mahallah administration like application for LIDV, LOC and changing mahallah or room.

    New students were from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bosnia and Jordan and they have been divided into groups during the session.

    MA’ARUF helps to strengthen the ukhuwah and build up the spirit of teamwork  regardless of race, language, status and religion.

    Each group has to complete all seven checkpoints whereby,  they were required to answer all questions regarding mahallah administrations, regulations,  the fellows of mahallah,  the MRC members and also mahallah’s achievements. Even, questions related on basics of Islam and general knowledge were also included.

    The game, MAxplorace combined the skills of reading, observing and listening. They also have an opportunity to interact with all the MRC members, staff, fellows and the mahallah principal.

    For those who failed to attend this programme they should give a letter stating why they fail to do so to the mahallah office immediately to avoid any further action.

    A briefing session with principal, fellows and the MRC members would be held soon. The date and venue would be informed on the information board.-ALIF Newsletter


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