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    Ahmad Juwaini B Abdul Rahman
    2nd year KAED, Applied Art Design,
    (Industrial Design)
    Mahallah Ali resident
    Former President of Silat Seni Gayung Malaysia IIUMAchievements:
    Free Fight Tournament 2003
    (third place)
    Intervarsity Silat Competition UITM Machang 2005
    Intervarsity Silat Competition UTM Semarak 2005
    Alumni Gayong Tournament IIUM, 2005
    PSSGM Representative for AGM National level,
    KL International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 2005
    Trainer, QIDS Intergrated School, Damansara, 2005
    017 625 5519

    The Main Objective of IIUM Seni Silat Gayung Malaysia,

    To create colours of diversity in Malay heritage in the field of self defense among the students of this university.          

    To create a co-curricular activity that would be able to build up a healthy self personality and to discipline the individual’s concerned.

    Q : Can you explain to us what is Silat Seni Gayung?

    A : Silat Seni Gayung is best to describes as the identity of the Malays because of its uniqueness. It was accepted as one of the martial art practised at the international level.

    Q : Tell us, the history of Silat Seni Gayung (PSSGM) in IIUM?

    A : International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Silat Seni Gayung Malaysia Club has been established in 1990. Along these years, the club participated in many competitions and other related programme that were organized by university as well as other private and government institutions.

    Q : It has been mentioned that the motto of the club was taken from one of the Quranic verses, please explain more on that.

    A : The motto of the club based on chapter Anfal verse 60 which means, “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds  of war, to strike terror (into the heart of ) the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom you may not know”

    Q : Are there any international students who become the member of PSSGM ?

    A : Yes there are. A student from Yaman, brother Wadhah and another one from Vietnam, brother Yunus. We hope more international students interested to join us.

    Q : What is the future project for PSSGM IIUM?

    A : Ali Web TV gives us an opportunity to promotes silat in the university at the international level. I believe it is a good promotion for our society.

    Q : How to join PSSGM?

    A : The membership are open for both international and local students. Those who are interested to join Silat Gayung Malaysia IIUM can join our practice held near LT Law AIKOL, every Monday and Thursday from 8.00 to 10.00 pm


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