Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib :: The Leading Mahallah in IIUM :: International Islamic University Malaysia

  • 01:52:45 pm on October 3, 2006 | 0

    1. Dakwah and Leadership Training Secretariat

    • Musolla management

    • Educate the residents based on the Islamic teaching and University’s Mission and Vision

    • Organize a religious programme in order to create an Islamic environment

    • Organize a programme based on education and leadership purposes

    • Responsible on the team building and training programme for the Executive Committee and Sub-Committee of MRC

    2. Residential Affairs Secretariat

    • Responsible to cater the welfare issues of the residents (as a medium for residents to voice out their problems, report all the welfare and discipline issues; and help the Mahallah management in solving residents’ problems)

    • Responsible on the integration between local and international students

    • Organize any programme that brings benefits to the local and international students

    • Escort and assist fellows during their duty

    • Educate and remind the residents about the Mahallah Rules and Regulations based on Mahallah Standing Order

    3. Community Service Secretariat

    • Organize a community service programme from various field of community works

    • Responsible as the public relation committee when there is any visit from outsiders to our Mahallah

    4. Publication and ICT Secretariat

    • Responsible for publishing the Mahallah magazine, newsletter, poster, advertisement etc.

    • Responsible on the multimedia matters such as website development and multimedia presentation

    • Inform students about programmes organized by the Mahallah

    • Responsible on any types of documentation of MRC for future reference

    5. Sports and Recreation Secretariat

    • Organize programme based on the sports and recreation activities

    • To be manager in charge in selecting athletes to represent the Mahallah in any sports events

    • Take care on the sports equipment and facilities provided by the Mahallah

    6. Culture and Art Secretariat

    • Organize programme based on the cultural and art activities

    • To be manager in charge in selecting participants to represent the Mahallah in any cultural events

    • Involved directly in the decoration matters at the Mahallah

    7. Entrepreneurship Secretariat

    • To gain extra income for Mahallah’s activities

    • To produce the Mahallah’s merchandise such as t-shirt, jacket, car sticker, etc.

    • To be in charge in the Mahallah Branding Management Programme


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