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  • 06:43:22 am on October 5, 2006 | 0


    GOMBAK- English Theatre Week took place in Main Auditorium and the occasion would last for five days which has begun on 11th September 2006 and ends on 16th September 2006.

    The occasion was organized by IIUM Theatre Club. Within these five days, students would be entertained by various types of theatre that being participated by students themselves from many courses.


    Nik Hanna Iryani Nik Azlan, ex- officio of English Theatre Week said at this moment, mostly everyone does not know the fact that IIUM Theatre Club is for everyone from different courses to join.

    In addition, majority people still have no idea that all the drama productions for English Theatre Week consist of actors and actresses from different field of study.

    She added theatre for this year, students from Kuliyyah of ICT, Engineering, Economics and Law also took part, either as the working crews or actors and actresses.

    “In order to be a holistic leader, we must also participate in art activities like theatre and not only concentrate on studies. It is because a holistic leader knows how to balance between the world and hereafter,” she added.

    IIUM Theatre Club has done a great job to make IIUM students become a holistic people and also create a group of people from different courses to be apart of the theatre world. In other words, the ukhuwah between students from other courses. – ALIF Newsletter


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