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    GOMBAK, 24th August 2006 – Opening ceremony of 22nd Convocation Fiesta was held at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

    The event was attended by the honorable rector of IIUM, Yg Berbahagia Prof Dato’ Dr Syed Arabi Idid, Deputy Rector Academic and Research IIUM, Prof Dr Azmi Omar, Prof Dr Mansor Ibrahim, Dean Kuliyyah of Architecture& Environmental Design, Assoc Prof Dr Adam Suhaimi, Dean Kuliyyah of Information& Communication Technology, Muhamad Nazri Haji Shaidon as the Executive Manager of CONVEST 2006.

    More than 1000 people came during the opening session of this fiesta.

    The occasion began at 9pm with the arrival of the honorable rector of IIUM, accompanied by a convoy consists of 36 motorcyclists.

    With the theme “Celebrating Students Excellences”, Arabi hoped IIUM could provide many fresh graduates who can perform well in the job’s field and serve the ummah as a dae’i (servant of God).

    The crowd was entertained by many performances that were conducted by societies in IIUM.

    Rover Scout of IIUM, Adventure and Recreation Club, Canoe and Rowing Club, Task Force Rakan Muda, Cycling Club and Special CONVEST Team co- operated together to make a short sketch as the opening gimmick.

    The audience entertained with artistic performance from Angklung Club and Dikir Barat Team. Nasyid and one of its kind performances by DJ Dii Doo who used Australian aborigine people musical instrument named didjeeridoogheeto.

    Singer from Yemen, Abdul Qadir Qawza was brought to the convocation fiesta to entertain the audience. He sang three beautiful songs before the event ends. – ALIF Newsletter


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