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  • 12:50:15 pm on October 5, 2006 | 0

    IIUM Students deal with Jenazah


    GOMBAK- A jenazah management talk was held at SHAS Mosque on 10th September 2006. During this session, students were exposed on how to manage the dead people theoretically and practically.

    The talk was conducted by Ustaz Ismail Abdullah, assistant director for Co- Curicular Activity Centre (CCAC). The talk only lasted for two hours. Nevertheless, the students gained more knowledge than they expected on how to manage the mayyit (dead people).

    Mohd Khidir Harun, participant of this program said he never thought it is quite complicated task to manage the corpse because there are many rules he should obey in order to manage the dead body smoothly.

    He says, “It (janazah management) does not only require us to have the knowledge theoretically and practically, but it must also come with confidence.”

    While the “mayyit” Hafifi Azim Hamzah said he was scared when he was being folded by kapan fabric because he felt that he still owes a lot to Allah SWT and afraid of dying before he could repent (taubat) to Him. Alif Newsletter


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