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    The Muslim Community of Georgia


    AHMAD SABREE is from Georgia, United States. He is the Secretary 2, Mahallah Ali Representative Committee 2006/2007

    Georgia is the ninth largest state in America and its population is over 9 million. The capital of Georgia is Atlanta, a rapidly developing metropolis as well as the home of many Muslims. Although the exact number of Muslims in Georgia has not been confirmed it is known to be more than 10 thousand. Although the Muslim community is rapidly growing in Georgia Muslims are still a minority there.

    The capital city of Atlanta is where the most Muslims congregate for the Friday Jummah prayers, at Masjid Al-Farooq named after Hajji Farooq Tarouty one of the founders of the Masjid. Outside the downtown area of Atlanta there are many Masajid in the surrounding suburbs which we call, “Metro Atlanta”. In total there are approximately 30 Masjids and counting in the Metro Atlanta area alone.

    The Muslim community in Atlanta is very diverse. There are many Muslims from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, All parts of Africa, and a small amount of Indonesian, Malaysian and Filipinos and of course there are a great amount of Americans who are Muslim most of which are African-American meaning that they are descendants from the Africans which consisted of many Muslim tribes, who were captured mostly from the western side of Africa, and taken to work as slaves in America more than 300 years ago. There are also growing amounts of Caucasian or “White” American Muslims as well as Latino Muslims.

    There are also three well known Quran schools in Georgia. The first is Georgia Islamic Institute in the city of Lawrenceville, Georgia, which was the first to be established in Georgia. Second is Dar-Ul-Uloom in the heart of downtown Atlanta within walking distance from Masjid Al-Farooq. The third is a Tahfiz program that takes place inside of Masjid As-Sunnah in the city of Stone Mountain, Georgia.

    There is a very active Muslim community in the Metro Atlanta area such as the various Muslim Student Associations (MSA’s). Each university has one and they organize events like Islamic Awareness Week where they set up booths to give Dawa non-Muslim students and they also organize lectures within the university on topics important to Muslims. They also organize events such as camping trips or group trips to amusement parks, cooking Iftar during Ramadan, Volunteering to help organize events for Muslim primary and secondary school students.

    During Ramadan in America everyone tries to break their fast in the Masjid. Dates and water are usually served at the time of Iftar and Dinner is served after Maghrib Solat. During Ramadan in America there is always an overwhelming demand for Hufaaz, those who have memorized the Quraan to lead the Tarawih prayers.

    Fortunately for the Muslims in Atlanta we have the privilege of having Sheikh Adam Fofana from SHAS Mosque to come to Atlanta every Ramadan to lead the Tarawih Prayers in one of the Masjids in Atlanta. At the same time many young hufaaz some as young as 15 years old are leading the prayers all around Atlanta as well as all the other states in America. ALIF Newsletter



  • malik abdul-rahman 9:53 am on December 28, 2006 | # | Reply

    Very informative,well written.

  • aliman 9:45 am on January 2, 2007 | # | Reply

    Thank you brother Malik Abdul Rahman,

    If you wish to send any writing, email us at provided with your details.

  • Halimah Sidibe 3:46 am on March 4, 2007 | # | Reply

    Assalam mu alaikum, my children will be visiting Gwinnet country, GA. I ‘m looking for a summer camp for them, age between 11-18. Please, InsyAllah send me any information that you have.

  • monica 10:35 pm on April 4, 2007 | # | Reply

    Salam ,
    I’m really impressed by the number of mosques that exist in Atlanta . I would like to participate as a volunteer in teaching Arabic. I live in France now, but intend to come to the states inchallah. So if u need someone for teaching Arabic during next summer, just ask me.
    God bless you, salam aleikoum.

  • Ahmad Sabree 5:11 pm on May 26, 2007 | # | Reply

    Sister Halimah, you can log on to Georgia Islamic institute website at They are in Lawrenceville Georgia. I’m not sure how far that is from where you are because Gwinnet country is big. But, that is the Tahfiz school that I went and I highly recommend it. You can contact me at: I know a few other places but you can email me for further questions.

  • Ahmad Sabree 4:29 pm on May 28, 2007 | # | Reply

    Sister Monica I just spoke with a friend of mine who is a head organizer for one of the Summer camps for Muslim children in Atlanta. He said they need an Arabic and Islamic studies teacher for girls starting June 4th. I know that is very soon and if you are not in America now it may not be possible for you to come. Either way let me know what you can do or if you have any friends here who can help.

  • Arif Khan 3:09 am on June 5, 2007 | # | Reply

    We are presently living in Los Angeles and our kids ages 9 and 13 are in Islamic school. We are planing to relocate to suberb of Atlanta, but we are not familiar with the area. I am wondering if you can guide us what areas to consider where we can find Islamic school and mosque in 20 miles radius.

  • Kone 5:35 pm on June 11, 2007 | # | Reply

    Although I am from a muslim family (from cote d’ivoire), I don’t practice. I am working my way into starting the prayers and all but I wanted to know if there were anything for young adults like study sessions, get togethers…

  • Tariq 5:29 pm on June 21, 2007 | # | Reply

    I am looking for Quran classes for Adult Males.
    Please contact me if anyone has information on that.

    Thank you.

  • Muhammad bin Salleh 5:12 am on August 6, 2007 | # | Reply

    I am 62 years of age, with a BSC in Physics and working as a physics lecturer at Universiti Industri Selangor, Jalan Timur Tambahan, 45600 Batang Berjuntai, Selangor, Malaysia. I can teach both physics and Quran.

  • Lamira 10:54 pm on September 7, 2007 | # | Reply

    I start open Islamic clothing online in atlanta last year and I have sucess ,my customer really happy with the merchandise but Now I would like to sell all the stock because I don’t have enough time to do it , all the merchandise in good condition and good quaity.
    If any one intersting to open small Islamic clothing and accessories I would like to talk? Please let me know send me email

  • Husseinali 8:09 am on September 19, 2007 | # | Reply

    how wonderful to see that Islam thriving in USA.
    May Allah SWT grant you reward.
    visit our magazine FDERATION SAMACHAR on this web page…


  • Terrica 2:38 am on November 2, 2007 | # | Reply

    I am not muslim but I am a sister that is studying I am in Hampton Georgia and I am looking for an Islamic community. I have 4 sons and I am looking for a masjid and an Islamic school that they can attend. I currently live with my sister because we are homeless and I am looking for a Islamic community to move into. Please if anyone can help me to futher my studies and enrich the lives of me and my children in anyway do not hesitate to email me at at
    Assalam mu alaikum

  • Ali Abdul Rashid 4:01 am on January 18, 2008 | # | Reply

    Assalam mu alaikum

    I Live in and am looking for a isalmic school for 12 and 13 year old children. we are muslim

  • Erling 1:14 am on February 17, 2008 | # | Reply

    I am Norwegian, having no religion at all. Religions are for weak people without opinions. If you have ever heard music like the Swedish band “Dark Funeral” you would agree! Instead you seem to think old centuries thoughts – I hope you are not going to hell, where I will be, alive and well!

  • hkasauy 12:13 am on April 1, 2008 | # | Reply


  • Nasim Shihab Salaam 5:30 pm on April 22, 2008 | # | Reply

    please forward any information you may have about islamic schools in the metro atlanta area because it is my life’s calling to become an imam


  • Hamza Abdul Aziz (B.T) 12:34 am on May 20, 2008 | # | Reply

    I am a non-practicing muslim but masha-Allah I will soon correct my path. I am 31,live in a small town called Jackson,Michigan. Employment in my economy is terrible and I no longer want to live by the means that I have. In a step of correcting my life I am seeking for some type of employment, and affordable Studio or a One bedroom apartment to start I would be more than thankful. As-salamu-alaikum

  • Deborah 5:14 am on July 21, 2008 | # | Reply

    I have just moved to georgia from Edinburgh in scotland, where i grew up and spent alot of time within the arabic community, most of my close friends are arab and had the privelage of being able to be exposed to the culture and language. I am hoping to enroll shortly to georgia state university to study middle eastern studies and arabic.

    As salam aleikum my friends

  • Kemba Cook 4:31 pm on August 18, 2008 | # | Reply

    This site is very informative, however, I am looking for a home away from home for my Foreign Exchange Student from Ciaro. I am excited about introducing him to the American Experience but I want to make sure he stays close to the culture he knows, so he doesn’t go home with some of our bad habits. He is 16 years old. And he needs another support group to help us get through this. If anyone knows anything, please contact me:, 678-596-2249.
    Thanks so much.

  • Fatimah Brown 4:07 am on March 18, 2009 | # | Reply

    Salakum brother i just wanted to ask about a muslim housing community in Atlanta. I guess what im trying to say is i someone told me that there was a housing community in Georgia that i could buy a house and live amongst my fellow brother and sisters.

  • Iyana Young 8:23 pm on April 17, 2009 | # | Reply

    As salaamu alaikum brother,

    My family and I (3 children and husband) are really thinking about moving to Georgia from Iowa. So I am writting to ask you if you could or a good muslim you know could help us with finding housing in the muslim community as well as a good job for my husband? By the way thanks for that artical above

  • Shaheed 5:22 pm on November 18, 2011 | # | Reply

    This is good news to know considering that I plan on moving to the ATL pretty soon. From what I’ve heard, they have a strong Islamic community down there.


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