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  • 02:56:55 pm on October 12, 2006 | 0


    GOMBAK- The fasting month reaching to the end, most of the foreign students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) who cannot go back to their respective houses during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri cannot hide their feeling of loneliness and being separated miles away from their family.

    “I could already feel lonely even it is still in early Ramadan. It is true there are many other students who cannot go back for the Aidilfitri, however it is different to celebrate with them due to the fact I always celebrate it with my family and relatives,” said Nermina Draco, 20 who is majoring in Human Science (psychology).

    This first year student is from Bosnia Herzegovina said this would be the first time for her she to celebrate Aidilfitri without her family and relatives. She added some of her Malaysian friends invited her to come to their house to celebrate Aidilfitri.

    “They offered me to stay in their house for this Aidilfitri. It is really meaningful to me,” she said with full of grin.


    While Muyahed Hiley, 20 from Yala, Thailand said “There are a lot of differences celebrating Aidilfitri in Malaysia compared to my country. Malaysian celebrates Aidilfitri more joyful than us in Yala.”

    “In my country, although we are the minority ethnic in Thailand the bond between us is very strong. Normally during Aidilfitri, my friends and I would ride in a convoy of motorbikes, bring cookies and our traditional kuih and celebrate it with all the Muslims people who stay near to our housing area.”

    The student who specialized in sociology (Human Science) has already celebrated Aidilfitri in Malaysia for twice. When being asked about loneliness, he admitted he cannot conceal it to himself.

    “I do feel lonely especially during this coming Ramadan, but I do have friends to celebrate with me. Life must go on,” he said before leaving for terawih prayer.- ALIF Newsletter


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