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    GOMBAK- “It is unique,” said Nermina Draco, 20, Human Science student of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The first year student from Bosnia Herzegovina mentioned she was quite surprised because there is no bazaar during Ramadan in her country.

    “What I am so attracted to come here are because the foods are delicious and there are many IIUM students who also involve in selling the food. Although the foods are most likely spicy and different compared to Bosnia, I am very satisfied,” said Nermina smiling while buying the fried rice.


    A student from Somalia, Abdul Fatah Mohamed who is specializing in Communication (Engineering) said “I love to have satay for my daily meal. I am confident I would miss it once I reach my country because this is my last year having Ramadan in Malaysia. I wish there is also a Ramadan bazaar in Somalia.”

    One of the young ‘businesswomen’, Syaza Ilyani Mohd Zamani, 20, a psychology student who is handling her stall mentioned her task is quite hectic especially at six in the evening everyday.

    “Students and even the lecturers line up mostly everyday to buy the foods to break fasting. Even though I am tired, I really happy because I could provide their basic needs (foods) and also gain business experience too. I am more delighted if any foreign students buy foods from my stall” A pleasant expression on her face said it all.

    A second year of Islamic Revealed Knowledge student, Mohd Firdaus Harun who sells rice and Malay dishes in the bazaar indicated that he could earn at least RM100 per day.

    “We must know what type of food we should serve to the Malaysian and international students. We are not only doing business, but we also want to prove to everyone that anyone can succeed if he focuses in anything.”

    The bazaar in IIUM started to get crowded at 4pm everyday during the fasting month. What are so interesting and unique are the IIUM students themselves who involve in selling the foods to either international or Malaysian students. This showed they managed to attract the foreign student to buy our local foods.- ALIF Newsletter



  • Nermina 4:19 am on October 18, 2006 | # | Reply

    That is not true what i said to this guy who wrote about the bazaar….Such a liar!

  • Aliman Moderator 6:46 am on October 19, 2006 | # | Reply

    Dear Nermina,

    Thank you for your comment. We are trying our best to give the facts In any news, report or opinion provided in this website. However, different way of reporting it may causes different interpretation. Thank you for your reminder.


  • EX IIUM STUDENT 4:58 pm on October 25, 2008 | # | Reply

    Dear Nermina,,
    i’m very sad about the unthruth news/report. So bro Aliman, better to recheck the report.

  • aliman 6:00 pm on January 23, 2009 | # | Reply

    Dear EX-IIUM

    For your information, every statement are verified and the notes were kept before its been published in this website.

    Thank You.

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