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  • 07:19:01 am on October 31, 2006 | 0


    GOMBAK- Only left than a week before the Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitri. Most of the people would have already busy packing to go back to their respective kampung (village). However, thing is different in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

    The IIUM members were busy preparing their last touch to perform amal jariah (good deeds) before all of them celebrate this coming Hari Raya.

    Around 80 people including the IIUM staffs, lecturers and students were involve in cooking bubur lambuk, Malay traditional porridge to be provided for the campus people.

    The program took place at level one, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah’s Mosque (SHAS Mosque). It started 8.30am in the morning the distribution of the bubur lambuk began immediately after the Zohor prayer, 1.30pm.

    According to Ustaz Shahrul Hisham who is an assistant officer of religion office in IIUM said “We have conducted this program since 2000. For this year, we used 10 pots to make bubur lambuk. Regarding the budget, we spent approximately from RM300- RM400 to prepare a pot of bubur lambuk.”

    While Mohd Zaki Che’ Wan who is working in the Rector’s office (Academic and Research) mentioned anyone can join this program without filling any forms or follow any procedures. “We do all these to gain the barakah (blessing) from Allah SWT, not for money. This program would be held every year during the Ramadan, either in the middle of the fasting month or at the end of the Ramadan.”

    A student who also involved in this event, Noor Akmal Abdul Aziz, second year student, Bachelor in Human Science (Arabic Language and Literature) uttered “Not many students taking part in this event. Some of them do not even know about this program. Hopefully, the authority would promote this event so the campus members could contribute to the ummah (people).”


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