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    5th November, 2006

    Dear Friends at Ali Ibn Abi Talib college,

    My students and I are developing New Year Peace Art Show and website and I wanted to invite you to participate. More information is at

    I am looking forward to hearing from you,


    Hirsh Diamant, PhD


    The New Year Peace Art Exhibit and Festival is presented by the students and faculity of the Silk Roads academic program at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington with cooperation from local artists and non-profit organizations.

    The show is an invitation to create and exhibit new work. They welcome paintings, photographs, collages, poems, essays, watercolor, music, songs . . . etc. Also antiques and works from collections are accepted.

    From December 15, 2006 until January 30, 2007 the New Year Peace show will be in the library at the Evergreen State College.


    After January 30, 2007 until March 15, 2007 the selected works from the New Year Peace show will be at different locations in Olympia, Wa including Side Door Studio Gallery, Plenty Restaurant, and Mariah Arts Studio.

    The virtual New Year Peace show will be ongoing.


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