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  • 05:55:41 pm on December 29, 2006 | 3

    Recently, the army of Thailand has seized the Prime Minister’s office which marked the sign of declination of Thaksin Shinawatra ruling over Thailand.  This incident did not make the Thai people shock, because it has already happened 18 times while the soldier’s rules have been implemented for 46 times since 74 years ago. 

    The soldiers would organize a committee that would be responsible to investigate all the assets that belong to the former Prime Minister, his family and 15 of his cabinet members. Shin Corporation is the biggest company in Thailand, was established on 1983 by Thaksin himself as Shinawatra Computer, and the name was changed to Shin Corporation in the year of 1999 (Phongpaichit & Baker, 2004).

    On 23rd January 2006, Shinawatra has made a huge istake by selling 46% of their shares which equal to RM6.84 billion (AS$1.88 billion) to Temasek Holdings, an investment agency of Singapore’s government. Their judgement of selling the shares has made the Thailand citizens enraged because Thaksin’s family was not being imposed with any tax. Shin Corporation controls a lot of communication companies such as Sin Satellites, Advance Info Service (the biggest prepaid communication company in Thailand), advertisement, monetary and the cheapest fare company Thai AirAsia which also share with AirAsia Malaysia (Phongpaichit & Baker, 2004).

    At the mean time, Thailand Asset Examination Committee (TAEC) commanded his family to pay RM7.3 billion for the tax due to selling of communication company, Shin Corp. However, they refused to do that. Thaksin’s lawyer, Nopadol Patama said they would only pay such a huge amount of money if they are being told to do so by the court.  He also claimed the anti-bribery bureau is unfair towards them and they hate Thaksin and his entire family.

    Due to that factor, the judgement being made on them is also wrong and they requested for another body which can be trusted to do the investigation. The court also accused him for cheating during the previous election that was on 2nd April 2006. As a result, the judge Kitisak Kitikhumpairote said he would consider shutting down the operation of Party Thai Rak Thai (TRT), being controlled by Thaksin Shinawatra.

    Therefore, he would face his trial in the court next year.  The problem is about to get expand. Thaksin’s wife, Pojaman and his brother-in-law were not in a good condition either. Thailand anti-bribery agency was considering to accuse both of them as criminals for not paying tax which almost cost RM54 million (AS$15 million).

     Currently, Thaksin is not allowed to return back to Thailand. In fact, he’s being advice to stay outside of Thailand until the government has formed a new election. The temporary Prime Minister of Thailand, Surayod Chulanont said “Perhaps a year from now when we already have a new government and make a new election. That would be the suitable time for him (Thaksin Shinawatra) to return”  



  • Thaiman 6:49 pm on December 29, 2006 | # | Reply

    Yes, It’s suck

    because everything was control by the hand of coupmaker already.

    justice system, military, bureaucrat were belong to IT ……

  • Ilyine 7:46 am on January 2, 2007 | # | Reply

    There is nothing new in this reporting. What is your analysis in this issue? What will happen to the people at Yala at this current situation? Could you give your prediction at both sides on this dractic changes. It is like reading the copy and paste article. I believe the author can do more than repeating the same old issue. We are now in 2007.

  • Dato' 9:25 am on February 17, 2007 | # | Reply

    Not many changes in Yala, Pattani though since it was a different issues. Depend on how both General Sonthi and Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont able to regain the trust from the people of the southern Thailand. It is also depend on how they are able to hold negotiation with Pattani prominent separatist group of PULO and BERSATU, which in my point of view is hard since Thailand has to recognize the separatist group as a representative for the people in the southern Thailand. It’s hard but they have to look back at the success of Indonesian government to clamp down separatist movement in Acheh by recognizing them as a part of the political platform for the people in Acheh.

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