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  • 05:43:08 pm on January 7, 2007 | 0

    Bring one culture and one language to different races through out the world. This is the sole message that trying to present during Malam Gema Budaya at the main auditorium, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) on 22nd December 2006. The culture and language night was the first program being held in this main campus through the iniative taken by the Malay Language Department and Centre of Language (CELPAD), IIUM.The language awareness campaign been run by CELPAD has open a portal for all international students from 90 countries to learn and experience the local’s life through the culture pattern and language that being used in Malaysia.

    The main objective for this program is to make the international students understand, appreciate and to love Malay language as a language of education for them. From the different angle, it is hoped they would acquire such a unique experience to bring back to their country after struggling four years in the university.

    Head of Malay Language Department, Tuan Haji Suhaimi Razikin said “This kind of program is very essential for the international students to learn our national language by instilling all the positive Malay cultures. It’s going to be fun and challenging for them to face.” 
    He added even unknown influence has already mixed with the culture and the Malay language for the entire history would not change the root although there would occur the effect because of the unknown mixture. 
    The spreading of Islam by using language and local culture are too obvious and happen in the Malay community. This made majority of the international students that joined during the program understand how important the function of language and culture which help to make Islam expands till today.

    The audiences that night were entertained with various cultural performances such as gurindam, poems, dikir barat and a short sketch of Malay wedding. What is more interesting, this event received involvement from some of the international students which marked a new history that is going to be remembered in this university.
    “I took one week to prepare myself to be a tukang karut in this dikir barat team. It is not that hard as you think and it is enjoyable,” said Mirsim Ghasi,19 a student of Information Communication and Technology Department (ICT) who is from Kosovo.
    He just came to Malaysia for eight months, but his capability of remembering each word for every line while he was a tukang karut for 15 minutes performance with the dikir barat team has mesmerized the crowd.

    Dina Salahudin from Sudan recited a poem entitled ‘Keindahan Dalam Budaya (The Beauty in a Custom) mentioned “I need to understand everything in this poem. The contents which stressed more on arts and motivation made my job easier to get a full grasp of this poem.”

    Even though she is quite hectic with many projects and assignments that need to be completed for this semester, Dina who is also a third year student of Kuliyyah Architecture and Environmental Design think this kind of opportunity should be used by everyone to show their talent.

    The Malay Language Department received many appreciation and support in their job for making the first kind of program at the university level. This indicates a new path is about to open in making the language and Malay culture as an agenda to promote the beauty which is meant to attract every single person who experiences this for the first time.  


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