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  • 07:25:49 am on January 7, 2007 | 0

    Assalamualaikum wrt. wbr.

    First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah SWT for giving me the opportunity of becoming the sixth MRC’s President, where I am responsible to lead a group of fresh and talented MRC for the 2006/ 2007 session.

    I would like to thank the college principal, Ustaz Fauzi Muda, staffs and ex- MRC members for trusting me in order to continue the golden reign of Mahallah Ali Ibn Talib as the leading mahallah in the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). I wish the God would grant me the strength and assist our team in confronting many challenges in the future.

    My objective is to maintain the college activities and the welfare of the mahallah’s residents. It is my goal to see all the MRC committees to be more aware in dealing with the resident’s problems at the same time strive their best to continue the excellence of the mahallah either inside or outside the campus.

    For your information, technicians of IIUM Holdings will begin their job this semester. Hopefully they could multiply their efficiency and service in fixing the mahallah technical problems. It is very important for IIUM Holdings to prove their commitment in providing the best service before having an intention to take over the mahallah administration.

    Regarding the college activities, we would use the Blue Ocean Strategy approach where the idea is to do something different from other mahallah, produce something that no one has yet seen at mahallah level, thereby creating a “Blue Ocean”. Although the term is new, it has already existed for quite some time.

    Before this, the MRC members have proved that Mahallah Ali is capable of becoming a pioneer in many big events such as the first mahallah that conducted a program to the foreign country, produced a new concept by having annual vision award to appreciate the students, introduced webtv and online radio in the mahallah’s official website and many more.

    In fact, there are other people from inside and outside the IIUM have used our creativity as their inspiration in producing their products. Therefore, I really hope all the residents of Mahallah Ali could give their support and cooperation to the MRC so both sides could maintain the status of our mahallah as the leading mahallah in IIUM. Thank you.

    Wan Muhammad Haeqal W Husin
    MRC’s President 2006/2007 


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