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    GOMBAK- Masquerade Productions and IIUM Theatre Club again made a history when their latest drama entitled ‘Aelis in MimpiLand’ managed to attract more than 150 people to come within one night. The theatre lasted from 6th-7th February 2007 was held at the main auditorium, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Most of the audiences who came to watch the drama were overjoyed.   Nor Syakirin Mohamed Nasrudin, 23, the ticketing manager said “The production and all the actors and actresses consisted of students from various fields of study. Some are from Law Department, there are also ICT people and our company welcomes everyone to be apart of our team in order to make everyone aware the importance of the theatre.”        

    However, some students complaint regarding the ticket price which they claimed to be too expensive. The program manager, Nurul Dayanna Norji, 23 has something to say on this issue.  “We worked really hard in order to make this theatre a success. Although the ticket price is RM5, we still provide the audience many free gifts and sell sweets and snacks as low as RM0.50 each. It is totally unfair to say it is expensive because we try to give the best so you would not regret to come to our theatre.”        

    One of the audiences who came to watch the drama, Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman, 23, a Mass Communication student said she was fascinated with the setting of the theatre. “The setting looks real. The actors and the actresses acted well and they helped to make the drama comes alive” 

    Masquerade Productions used to produce their drama entitled ‘The 12 Angry Men’ at Istana Budaya on 19th- 21st September, 2006 and the number of audiences who came to watch their drama was beyond expectation!

    One of the scenes in ‘Aelis in MimpiLand’

    The Prince Charming tried to tackle Aelis


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