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    GOMBAK- Journalism Club in collaboration with Mahallah Representative Committee Ali (MRC Ali) performed the first and only award night for this second semester to rejoice young photographers and illustrators from different background of studies. 

                The occasion took place at KAED Gallery, 6th March 2007. The award night known also as Islamic Journalism Creativity Award 2007 (IJ- CA 2007) celebrated the winners, first runner- up and also the second runner- up in four categories; photo journalism, flash presentation, comic and seven- minutes video. 

                Dr. Akmal Khuzairy, Director of Student’s Division (S-Dev) was invited to launch the programme. Among the VIPs who attended the award were Dr. Azizan Ahmad, Secretary of HALUAN Malaysia and Sir Amran Baharum, executive advisor of Journalism Club. 

                According to Bro. Ali Husni Shari’ati Ghazali, 20, Head Committee of Special Task said this event is going to make a record in the university’s history for this semester because the competition was conduct not only meant for journalism student, but it is free for all.  

                “Although we have so many students coming from different courses, some of them are talented in journalism world. Therefore, we created a platform (competition) to participate, at the same time to win prizes.” 

    The exhibition during the award night

    The winner received prizes from the Programme Manager.


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