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    GOMBAK- “Hope this would not be the last time, but it is going to continue forever. Keep your head up and walk like a champion. You might feel happy or nervous, but do not fear. We can do it, InsyaAllah,” said Ustaz Hamidon Abdul Hamid during the hi- tea press conference with International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Mooters. 

    Ustaz Hamidon who is also the Deputy Rector of Students and Alumni Affairs gave his support by spending and sharing his golden advice with the mooters at Al- Nawawi Conference Room.

    The event was organized by Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws began at 3pm and being attended by media representatives.          

    IIUM Moot Team consisted of 18 students from Malaysia, Thailand,
    Singapore and Bosnia Herzegovina being assisted by five moot trainers. 

    Madam Nik Haizam Nik Jaafar, as the program coordinator and also the head trainer mentioned “For this year International Humanitarian Law (IHL) competition, 171 universities from all over the world would participate including Harvard University. But I believe in the capability of my students.”

    She added all the students (IHL Mooters) are very committed to this competition, which caused them to have training even during weekends and holidays for six months. In fact, one of the trainers is willing to travel from
    Singapore to IIUM in order to assist the students to gain victory in this match.

    The IIUM IHL Mooters would not only carry the responsibility being the representative of IIUM, but also for Malaysia. The team is going to battle for International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moots Competition which would be held in Hong Kong on 16th until 18th March 2007.                 

    While IIUM Jessup Team will continue the fight in Phillip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition 2007 at Washington D.C. on 25th- 31st March 2007. 


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