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  • 10:11:59 am on April 2, 2007 | 0

    By Mohd Firdaus Md Hamsin

    Human is imperfect by nature. Each of us has the own strength and specialty and also their own weaknesses. Imagine that on one occasion, the members of your respective club or society have elected you to become their leader, how would you feel? Especially when you feel of being overshadowed by other individual that you perceive as superior compare to you!

    As a leader, without any doubt you need to gain the support from the members of your respective club, whom in the same time expect an extraordinary act from you. But in the same time, you are concern with your weaknesses that might hamper the expectation laid upon you. Therefore how to overcome this obstacle?

    First, identify your strength and weaknesses. By doing that, not only it would help you to maximize your performance, but it also provide the room for your self-improvement. For example, you posses a good with your interpersonal communication skill but in the same time you are not good in event management.

    Then of course you need to optimize your strength at the highest level, but in the same try to acknowledge your weakness in event management. Don’t ever try to pretend becoming the expert in the field that is you not accustom to, since it would irritate the other members. Pay a respect to the members who posses this skill and led them to finish the job.

    After that don’t forget to acknowledge their contribution either direct or indirectly. If possible, don’t hesitate to learn from them! This would not alter your position as a leader; instead by doing this you would earn a considerable respect from them. Don’t ever perceive them as a threat to your leadership. By doing this Insya’Allah, as an ordinary person you would become an extraordinary leader!         

    About the author :

    The author currently a post graduate student in Political Science, International Islamic University Malaysia. Firdaus is also a resident of Ali Ibn Abi Talib Residential College. He can be reached at


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