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  • 08:37:00 am on April 3, 2007 | 0

    By Mohd Aliff Mohd Nor

    Collaboration between two countries that share different culture can benefit both sides in terms of science and engineering fields. In fact, this would lead to promoting the intercultural understanding to one another, said Dr. Andreas Radtke, first secretary of Germany Embassy during his visit to International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) on 2nd April 2007.  

    Dr. Andreas came with the delegation of Bavaria Parliament which was led by the President of the German state of Bavaria, His Excellency Mr. Alois Gluck while IIUM is represented by Ustaz Hamidon Abdul Hamid, the Deputy Dean of Students and Alumni Affairs. 

    Both sides discussed talked on the students exchanging program and many other educational issues.

    During the short discussion, IIUM proposed the idea of students exchanging program between IIUM and University of Bavaria.

    This suggestion was agreed by Dr. Andreas, “We can see the importance here (students exchanging program) and we will try to propose this idea to the embassy. By implementing this program, we would not only learn the culture of other people but we can make collaboration in many aspects such as sharing the knowledge of biotechnology between two countries.”

    While Ustaz Hamidon concerns more on the future of the current students “Muslim ummah used to contribute to the human’s history. Thus, we need to do something in order to revive back on what we have lost, which is to put the Islamic philosophy into science. War would not solve anything but diplomatic discussion is the best way to curb conflict.”

    He also put a great concern on the development of social sciences students which he believes with collaboration on educational side will help in utilizing the maximum exposure and added more practical skills in engaging with the real world.

    The delegation was brought to Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque (SHAS Mosque) and the library for a short visit.

    German receive 800 Malaysian students to study there compare to the United Kingdom which receive 12, 000 Malaysian students every year. From time to time, efforts were been done and will be continued to attract the Malaysian students to study in German.


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