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  • 07:05:21 am on April 20, 2007 | 0


    Normally, what would the student do if he is a failure or he obtains such a low marks in an exam? Crying? Just ignore it? Try and try again? Blame the God for what happened? It is very hard to accept failure in our live. However as a human being, live must go on.

    These are some tips on how to plan and arrange strategy in order to achieve victory in the future:

    • Think for this question carefully. Why there is a great difference between those who achieve high marks, average marks, low marks while some fail? Think! There must be a mistake somewhere, either you don’t realize or you ignore it.
    • Use the strength of the brain to think wisely and critically to fix the problem and to arrange the next plan towards success.
    • Keep on doing the same thing frequently every day so you could trace the mistake. In fact, practice makes perfect. Perfect means ‘free error’.
    • Increase your performance from time to time. If you still don’t achieve your goal, keep on practicing to improve your performance.
    • Focus 100% your effort to improve your weakness. Work hard and smart with full heart on what you are doing.

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