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  • 06:07:57 am on May 1, 2007 | 0

    Ustaz Fauzi (middle) is discussing with the students of mahallah Ali on their new room.

    On 22nd April 2007, more than 300 students ‘attacked’ the mahallah office. Some of them came as early as 7am in the morning in order to get the earliest number to register and check- in into their mahallah although the office opens at 8.30am.

    A student from Engineering Kuliyyah, Mohd Aiman Razali, 21 mentioned “I came here at 8.40am. I was late only by 10 minutes, but there were a lot of students came earlier than me. As a result, I received number 98 and I need to wait for quite some time for my turn.”

    Another student, Nor Afiq Jani, 22 who is majoring in Psychology said he was happy because he managed to be in the same room with his friends. “I know many people are coming for the registration day. So, I came here as early as 8am and I got number 10. Thus, I have the opportunity to choose any room that I want because I came here early in the morning,” he said with a face full of joy.

    While the principal of Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Ustaz Fauzi Muda who was also helping the mahallah officers during the registration day said “For this year, we make a new system where the students would take their number and wait for their turn to be called. The advantage of this latest system is the students would not have to make a long queue while waiting to be served by the mahallah officers.”

    Ustaz Fauzi did not reject the fact that some of the students need to wait such a long time to have their room’s key. “I agreed that some of the students need to wait quite long to receive their room keys, but wherever you go you still need to wait. We are implementing the system of first come, first serve. If they do not want to wait, please come early next time.”

    As a conclusion, the principal himself came down to assist the mahallah officers on the registration day and they also received an aid from Mahallah Ali Representative Committee who were willingly sacrificed their time in order to make the program runs smoothly.



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