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  • 05:59:38 am on May 1, 2007 | 0

    The event of grand final IIUM Inter-Mahallah Debating Championship 2007, both Arabic and English categories were held at the Experimental Hall at 8.15 pm. The Arabic category was held on Monday, 12th February 2007 while the English category was held on Tuesday, 13th February 2007.

    In Arabic category, there were two mahallat competing each other in the final event; Mahallah Bilal and Mahallah Maryam. Both of them qualified to the final after won over four mahallat in preliminary stage. Each mahallah represented by three debaters. The motion that was given to them was “The Importance of OIC in Economics or Military?”. This category won by Mahallah Maryam who supports the economics while Mahallah Bilal was the first runner up.

    In English category, there were four mahallat qualified until the final stage. The mahallat were Mahallah Siddiq, Mahallah Uthman, Mahallah Asiah and Mahallah Ameenah. Each mahallah represented by two debaters. The topic that they have to debate was “This House Would Share Power with Extremist”.

    Mahallah Asiah represented the opening government while Mahallah Uthman represented the opening opposite. For the closing, Mahallah Siddiq represented as the closing government and Mahallah Ameenah represented the closing opposition. Seven professional judges agreed to give the first place to Mahallah Siddiq and Mahallah Uthman won the first runner up.

    As for the prizes, RM 500 was allocated for the first winner and RM300 for second prize’s winner and the prizes has been given by Ustaz Fauzi Muda, principal of Mahallah Ali and Dr.Zarinah Abdul Hamid, the Principal of Mahallah Hafsa. Bro. Shabir from Mahallah Siddiq was declared as the best speaker for Inter-Mahallah Debating Championship 2007. The prize giving ceremony for both categories was held on the same day which was on Tuesday night, 13th February 2007. This event which was organized by Mahallah Ali and Mahallah Hafsa in collaboration with SPICE Department reached its end successfully at 11.00pm.



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