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  • 05:42:03 am on May 8, 2007 | 0

    KUALA LUMPUR- International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has set a new record by conducting an International Conference on Biotechnology Engineering 2007 (ICBioE’ 07). With the theme ‘Harnessing Nature to Enhance the Quality of Life’, this program was the first biotechnology event held in Malaysia.

    Faculty of Engineering, IIUM organized this conference which being supported by Institution of Engineering. Islamic Development Bank and Bank Pembangunan Malaysia were the main sponsor for this mammoth program.

    The program was held at Prince and Residence Hotel from 8th until 10th May 2007. The momentous event was launched by the IIUM’s Rector, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Syed Arabi Idid has been witnessed by expertise that came over from 15 countries.

    The rector mentioned in his speech “This program should be the mean of bringing all the experts to gather and discuss on biotechnology at the same time it can be a platform for them to utilize all natural raw resources and knowledge for the sake of our future.”

    He hoped the integrated nature of biotechnology when carefully harness can produce a nation with great achievement in order to seek solutions to solve many challenges facing the people nowadays.

    In addition, Chairman of ICBioE’ 07, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Faris Ismail said “For this conference, we received more than 115 technical papers from more than 15 countries.”

    “This event conveyed an important message which is to promote training and education as well as research, development and commercialization in biotechnology area.”

    He expected the participants can form a networking of exchanging ideas and thoughts to enhance the research and development activities for sustainable development.

    Currently, Faculty of Engineering has eight programs being offered which are Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer and Information Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering.


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