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    A Malaysian resident (right) is competing with the international resident (left) while being watched by another player.

    Although it just a week they finished their first program for the third semester, MRC Ali still does not feel exhausted to organize another important event which is known as Mahallah Ali Indoor and Traditional Games on May 12, 2007.

    What is so unique with this competition is that it received participation from both Malaysian and international residents, where they would have the chance to play the Malaysian traditional games such as galah panjang, tuju tin, and sepak raga. While the indoor games that can be played by the contestants were carom, chess, and scrabble.         

    According to the programme manager, Shakir Abd Ghafar he said “The main objectives of this competition is to introduce the Malaysian traditional game to the international students, and to refresh back the memory of the Malaysian residents on the games that they used to play during their childhood period.”      

    Sepak Raga Bulat (Rattan Ball Game)

    Once a game of village youths, sepak raga bulat has become a popular sport among the young urban males. Players standing in a circle keep a rattan ball aloft with any part of their body except their hands. The ball is kept in constant motion without hands touching it.

    Galah Panjang

    Players are divided euqally into 2 different groups. Each team will have a team leader. The teams will have to dedice who runs first and who would tag. Normally, the effective way to decide is by using the one-two-som!

    Players( runners) would take place in area I. The tagers would be in the assigned line. Firstly, the team(taggers) leader would slap the hand of the other team(runners) leader.

    The runners would try to get to area II then to area III without being caught/tagged by the taggers. If the runner is witty, he’ll manage to get himself to area V with ease. When that happens, the tagger IV would be forced to turn around to prevent the runner from going to area IV. If he gets past also, tagger III would be forced to turn around to guard the runner from going to area III. Meanwhile, runners from area III will have a chance to procede to area IV.

    The runners would have to come out with a strategy to get past the taggers. If one or many of the runners manage to get into the same area, it would be easy to defeat the taggers and finally run back to area I. On the contrarary, if one of the runners get caught/tag by the taggers, the whole team would stop and becomes the tagger. No points are given because this is considered a lost.

    The game continues until one team obtains the highest points. 

    The principal, Ustaz Fauzi Muda and the new appointed fellow, Fazdriel Arham Ibrahim also came on that day and played carom with the students.


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