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     The President of MRC Ali does not feel hesitate to clean the toilet till it shines bright.

    Cleaning is apart of the iman. In addition, Islam stresses on the importance of cleanliness in our daily live. Perhaps, MRC Ali has done a noble job which in line with the statement.

    Perhaps, MRC Ali is the first MRC who dares to take the challenge to clean the mahallah toilets.

    Unbelievable? Believe it! On 5th May 2007, MRC Ali (Residential Affairs Secretariat) organised the first event for Semester 3 06/07 which called ‘Gotong- Royong’ in conjunction of Cleanliness Campaign at Mahallah Ali hostel.




    This occasion managed to receive assistant from the mahallah and also from the residents.

    The principal of Mahallah Ali, Ustaz Fauzi Muda who came for the event said “Gotong- royong is a matter of teamwork; we help each other to clean this campus area. At the same time, the bond of the brotherhood among the MRCs and the residents can be stronger.”

    “In fact, the gap of relation between students, MRCs and the cleaners could be reduced and this would help all parties to have a good collaboration in the future.”

    The programme manager of this project, Ghaffur mentioned “ I am satisfied because we managed to clean up the toilet in each level for each block.”

    “Some people assume the job of cleaning the toilet as something dirty. Alhamdulillah, MRCs, the cleaners and the Principal gave support for this event. Even the President does not feel shy to participate with us to do the cleaning for the sake of the residents,” he said with his face full of grin.

    While one of the cleaners, Siti who contributed for this program said “This is the first mahallah who does not feel hesitate to help us to clean the toilet. I hope the other mahallah would follow them (MRC Ali) and make this program as an annual event for their mahallah.”

    Gotong- royong means all people would help each other to settle a problem that happen in a particular area.   



  • Ahmad Sabree 5:05 pm on May 26, 2007 | # | Reply

    MashaAllah! The MRC cleaned the toilets. May Allah bless you all with Jannah.

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