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    Mahallah Ali and Asiah have merged together to bring the first type of award ceremony which does not only celebrate students who excel in academic and co- curriculum, but also in terms of sport, leadership and the students’ contribution towards their college. 

    On 4th May 2007, these two mahallah organized an event namely Annual Vision Award 2007 (AVA 2007) at Cultural Activity Centre, aim to produce more and more residents who uphold the university’s mission and vision; Integration, Islamization, Internationalization and Comprehensive Excellent or it is also popularly known as ‘Triple IIICE’.


    The principal of Mahallah Asiah, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amilah wang Abdul Rahman said “The students who receive the award this evening should not show off but to strive harder because they should be an example for others to follow. When they proud for too much, it would stop them from gaining any success.” 

    In addition, she added the students need to internalize the vision and mission of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). “I believe that the way a student shapes his life would be his way of life in the future,” she said during the event. 

    Besides, this event was also held to rejoice the 10th year anniversary of Mahallah Ali and two years establishment of Mahallah Asiah.


    The principal of Mahallah Ali, Ustaz Fauzi Muda mentioned within the duration, the hostel management together with the Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) attained numerous of achievements. 

    “Whether success or failures, we gained both and turned these two elements into a formula to perform better from time to time. We put a high hope for others to follow this effort which aims to produce students who instill the vision and mission of the university in their heart,” said Ustaz Fauzi. 

    He hoped more and more beneficial programs such as this event would be organised by the MRC to meet the needs of the Ummah.  

    “Although MRC Ali was the first to organize this type of program, I wish other people could follow in organizing an event which similar like this where it celebrates the students in all aspects of their life,” said the principal in his speech of AVA 2007. 

    During the beautiful ceremony, the former of MRC members for both mahallah came and AVA 2007 is also meant to appreciate the contributions being done by the previous generation of MRC. 

    The award was divided into seven categories which are Leadership Excellence Award, Sports Excellence Award, Academic Excellence Award, Best Exco Award, Best Secretariat Award, Most Promising Resident Award and Principal’s Award.



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    no pictures to share?

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    Congrats to all the winners!

    From Lusiana Catering

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