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    • Participant’s Name : Ghazali Bin Bunari
      Short Film Title : Kiri (Left)

    • Synopsis

    An unnamed female character is traumatized during her childhood after witnessing the murder of her father, a retiring militant rebel. The murderer is her father’s own guerilla leader, Wan Sulong. She then studies her father’s war journal and devotes her life to getting revenge.

    singgam_we_are_lions_my_brother_1mov.jpgParticipant’s Name : Sasitharan A/L Rajoo
    Short Film Title : Singgam (We Are Lions My Brother!)


    This film revolves around a teenage boy traveling back to Masai, Johor, who faces many challenges along the way. Through his travels, he meets a man who makes him realize the meaning of love and how youngsters these days fall into it far too blindly.

    kongsi_dalam_gelap_dark_men_talking_1mov.jpgParticipant’s Name : Melisa bt. Mohd Alias
    Short Film Title : Kongsi Dalam Gelap (Dark Men Talking)


    What happens when two people are trapped in a unit? Bare confessions and truth meet when two strangers share the same fate. Where are they? Will their new found mission take off? All of this is to be answered in the Dark. Kongsi Dalam Gelap is a raw journey of social drama told in a satirical manner.

    j_ai_pas_sommeil_i_can_t_sleep_.jpgParticipant’s Name : Loh Wai Keong
    Short Film Title : J’ai Pas Sommeil (I can’t Sleep)


    “J’ai Pas Sommeil” was conceived in the Fall of 2005. A premature cold front, signifying an early winter, was upon Philadelphia as I entered my final semester of university. I had been away from home for over two years, and that season, an unmistakable absence lingered in the spaces of my life. It was a season of lost memories and last things. It was a season of displacements. “J’ai Pas Sommeil” was an attempt to encapsulate these dislocations: of geography and language, memory and desire. At its heart is a nocturnal restlessness, all at once seeking, all the while waiting. To be at rest in the perpetuity of motion. To find sleep. I hope this film has captured that experience faithfully. That experience of being far removed from all things familiar, including that of ones own memories. I hope you enjoy this attempt as much as I did attempting it.

    a_lonely_man.jpgParticipant’s Name : Lee Chee Cheng
    Short Film Title : A Lonely Man


    This is a story about Lam Kar Fai. He lives alone, eats alone, works alone and sleeps alone. His life lacks any meaning or excitement, until he meets Chan Mei Kay. Love changes his life, until his plans for marriage are thrown astray when Mei Kay suddenly disappears.

    can_you_hear_me.jpgParticipant’s Name : Chee Kar Ching
    Short Film Title : Can You Hear Me


    Missing someone is most distressful, but waiting is an endless endeavor. This unfortunate mother lost her husband and son in an accident. Separated now in two different worlds, the mother believes that her paper boats are her one last link with those she love’s.

    kelapa.jpgParticipant’s Name : Muhammad Faiz Bin Ramli
    Short Film Title : Kelapa


    This is a story of one naughty little boy’s search for a remedy to help cure his sister’s illness. In his search he discovers that life is not all about fun and games. This story captures his journey in discovering his creativity, resilience and makes him realize what it means to grow up. Or does it?

    westbound.jpgParticipant’s Name : Kubhaer Thakurdas Jethwani
    Short Film Title : Westbound


    Suren is rushing from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur for a casting role. He would be perfect for it, except he doesn’t speak Mandarin and his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Just Great.

    jemi_anak_pok.jpgParticipant’s Name : Muhamad Norhelmi Bin Antong Ibrahim
    Short Film Title : Jemi Anak Pok


    This is a story about a man who does his best to guide his son, a youth deeply in debt due to his gambling ways. But will the son ever change his ways?

    k_hole.jpgParticipant’s Name : Abdullah Zahir B. Omar
    Short Film Title : K Hole


    Mobility – The ability to move from one place to another, a journey. Mobility comes in two forms. Voluntary mobility where you are in full control of the situation and choice of destination’s, and involuntary mobility when you are still on a journey, but are totally stripped of any decisions or opinions.

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