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    Ten Short Films Shaken the Campus

    The history of short film started in North America in 1910. During that moment, the main subject of the short film was comedy. The big film companies already have their own unit that has the responsibility of developing and creating the short film.

    The foreign short film industry expands its wings in the early 80s and it came to Malaysia in the year of 1990. With the help of today’s technology, short film is easy to watch and being spread throughout the Internet.

    Realizing the strength of short film as a moderator to convey a message to the people, Mahallah Ali Representative Committee (MRC Ali), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) together with IIUM Journalism Club, in collaboration with BMW Group (Malaysia) organized BMW Sorties Screening at the Main Auditorium, IIUM.

    With the theme of “Mobility Towards World Class Creativity, ten short films were shown and followed with a discussion with the short film directors. Among the directors that came to the program were Melissa Mohd Alias, Ghazali Bunari, Sasitharan anak lelaki Rajoo dan Muhammad Faiz Bin Ramli.

    During the two nights program, the audiences were exposed to Malaysian perspective with the approach of Malaysian who come from various races. Voice, face and the local thinking were visualized clearly in the message inside of the short film.


    Ten films that were shown that nights, which also the BMW Shorties finalists were A Lonely Man, J’ai Pas Sommeil, Kongsi Dalam Gelap, K-Hole, Kelapa, Can You Hear Me, Singgam, We Are Lion My Brothers, Jemi Anak Pok dan Kiri.

    IIUM made a huge impact to other universities in Malaysia by conducting this type of program. As a matter of fact, IIUM never had any big record in film and video education fields but it has taken an iniative in organizing this big program. Besides, BMW Shorties Screening is the first public screening in Malaysia and IIUM became the first university that supports BMW Group in promoting short films.

    BMW Shorties is a short film competition being held in this country. RM50,000 and assistance of short film production have attracted 74 contestants to join.

    The judges for this competition are the famous director Yasmin Ahmad, winner of Cannes Award and also a director, Paul Loosley, film editor Affandi Jamaludin, director of experimentation film James Lee, academic lecturer Gregory Wee, a writer, a film director and a photographer Danny Lim and Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam.

    Vijayaratnam who is also the BMW Media and Corporate Affairs Manager said “The number of audience who came tonight gave a positive message to the short film industry. The competition that would be organised every year is a community service to the people in making Malaysia to be known through out the world in this industry.”


    The iniative of bringing the BMW Shorties into IIUM was the idea of four youngsters who followed the competition progress from the Internet. It all started by watching it from the Internet, Mohd Nizam Ahamad, Wan Muhammad Haeqal W. Husin, Syarafuddin Sulaiman and Zamri Mohamad embarked the communication with BMW Group and the effort lasted since four months ago and that caused the idea of bringing up the shories programme into reality.

    According to the ex- officio of the program who is also part- timer at the Rector’s Office, Zamri Mohamad mentioned “Although this is a student’s program, it gives an impact to the university as a whole. The success of this program provides a chance for IIUM to be part of short film industry if a long- term planning were established with the BMW Group. This is cooperation between industry and education institution.”

    While Syarafuddin Sulaiman, the director of BMW Shorties Screening said “It is not only a film screening for entertainment, but the ten finalists served us with films that not only require us to think but also to see the reality from the director’s eye. An open discussion in the occasion is where the exchanging idea and interaction between the short film directors and audience took place.”

    The writer and co producer Kiri, Ghazali Bunari said the cooperation between the students and the corporate company such as BMW Shorties is a brave action. The 38-year-old lecturer of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia also added it is something extraordinary to see BMW as a partner in an education film development.

    Read more about BMW Shorties Screening

    About BMW Shorties


    BMW Shorties 2007 winner revealed at Premiere
    Freelance director wins inaugural BMW Shorties award

    Kuala Lumpur, 10 March 2007

    The inaugural BMW Shorties film competition concluded tonight with the announcement of the BMW Shorties Award winner, honourable mentions for two of the Top 10 entries and the presentation of the People’s Choice Award.

    Freelance director Abdullah Zahir Bin Omar, 24, won the inaugural BMW Shorties Award with his 15-minute 55-second entry, K-Hole, which delved into the mobility of death. The entry was selected for the Award over a total number of 74 entries.

    The BMW Shorties Award comes with a prize of RM50,000 in production assistance to make a professional short film which, if judged good enough, will be fielded in international competitions via the global BMW network. In making the short film, Abdullah Zahir will also receive guidance from the panel of judges.

    Two entries were given Honourable Mentions by the panel of judges. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia lecturer, Ghazali Bunari, 38, and film editor, Sasitharan Rajoo, 27, won honourable mentions with their entries “Kiri” and “Singgam”.

    Kiri – which came in at 17 minutes, 25 seconds – chronicles the trauma and obsession for revenge of a young girl who witnesses the violent murder of her father while Singgam (13 minutes, 27 seconds) follows a teenage boy through his journey of discovery on the meaning of love.

    The People’s Choice Award, the Top 10 entry that garnered the most votes from the public, was also won by Ghazali Bunari for his film “Kiri”, which received a total of 1, 120 votes over a period of eight days.

    BMW Corporate Affairs Manager Mr Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam said the high number of entries on subjects ranging from sociopolitical commentary to personal journeys for the BMW Shorties showed that Malaysians are more than capable of expressing themselves.

    “The number of entries we received for the BMW Shorties proves that Malaysians can and do speak out on matters that concern them. The high quality of entries shows that Malaysians have talent. And the high number of votes we received from the public shows that people are interested in cutting-edge cinematic art,” he said, prior to the BMW Shorties Award winner being announced.

    “The BMW Shorties is not just about offering cash prizes to the winner. It is about finding and nurturing promising new talent in Malaysia and then providing them with the possibility of an international platform on which to showcase their work,” Vijayaratnam said.

    Mr. Wolfgang Schlimme, Managing Director of BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd, in welcoming guests and participants, said the BMW Shorties exemplifies the BMW Group’s passion to assist in the growth of the cinematic arts, both domestically and globally.

    “The success of this year’s BMW Shorties is proof positive that we are doing something right to assist in unearthing new talent for Malaysia’s growing cinematic arts industry. We look forward to see even more talented Malaysians submitting their entries next year,” Mr Schlimme said.

    Thanking the panel of judges for their time and effort in reviewing the entries, Mr Schlimme noted that the task of choosing a winner had been so difficult that it was decided that there should be honourable mentions made of some of the finalists.

    Filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad, writer/filmmaker/photographer Danny Lim, experimental filmmaker James Lee, film editor Affandi Jamaludin, award-winning commercial director Paul Loosley and academic Gregory Wee reviewed and selected the Top 10 entries amid much debate and argument.

    The inaugural BMW Shorties is planned as an annual short film competition open to aspiring Malaysian filmmakers of any age, as long as they have never participated and won in any local or international film festival, competition or award.

    It is a competition with a difference, in that its aim is not simply to reward talents in the local independent film industry but to offer them even greater opportunities through the BMW Group’s global network.

    To see how one can be a part of the BMW Shorties Short Film Competition experience, visit the website at

    Issued by:

    BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd
    Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam, Corporate Affairs Manager, Malaysia
    Telephone: (+603) 8887 3822, Fax: (+603) 8887 3801

    For media queries, please contact:
    Fleishman-Hillard Kuala Lumpur
    Joycelyn Lee/Sashi Ambi
    Telephone: (+603) 2283 2730, Fax: (+603) 2283 2750
    Media Website:
    BMW Shorties Website:



  • AryBerry85 2:35 pm on August 3, 2007 | # | Reply

    Huk! =( where’s my picture with Mr. Vijay?

  • DeanSham 8:11 am on December 29, 2007 | # | Reply

    Ghazali Bunari is not the director for the film KIRI as written in the report (Ten Short Films Shaken the Campus). He is the writer and co-producer.

    The director for KIRI is Dean Sham, who is also the co-producer, cinematographer, and editor for the film.

    Please make necessary amendments.

    Thank youi

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