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    Malay Mail 10 August 2007

    MAMED, of Gombak, is angry at the spate of thefts at his hostel at International Islamic University Malaysia.

    “At the ‘Ali’ campus where I stay, the biggest problem is theft of property from students’ rooms,” he says.

    MAMED says in March, his computer was stolen from his room. This was followed by the loss of another computer in July.

    Between those incidents, his cell phone was also stolen from the room.

    “The strange thing was that my computer was secured to the table and my wardrobe was locked. Without tools, no one would have been able to open the locks,” he says.

    MAMED claims that the locks were broken by a cutter, usually used by the college’s workers to open the wardrobes of students who have lost their keys.

    “I’m not the only victim. Just about all the students from this campus have complained about missing belongings such as cell phones, digital cameras, personal computers, laptops, watches, USB drives and others,” he says.

    He says IIUM’s rules enable staff from the campus office to enter the students’ rooms without informing them

    This, he claims, could open the possibility to maintenance workers and technicians entering the rooms and making off with the items.

    MAMED claims that there was an incident where his friend lost an expensive watch from his room. However, he later noticed that the lock to his door had been changed.

    Suspecting that it was the work of the office workers, he threatened to report the matter to the campus authorities and only then had his watch returned.

    “I have yet to see any positive action taken by IIUM to prevent such cases. This should not be happening at such a prestigious institution,” he says.

    IIUM assistant director of public relations Shahrizad Shahidul Haj says they will investigate this problem.

    “We will turn to the security department to help monitor and control the problem.

    “We are certainly not taking the problem lying down. We have procedures and policies to follow; it won’t do to simply blame other parties (office and maintenance workers) without investigating first,” she says.



  • an-nidxam 6:22 am on August 15, 2007 | # | Reply

    congrats! if this would be an eye opener for the IIUM authority, lets do it more.. peace!

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