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  • 04:35:30 am on August 18, 2007 | 2

    In Malaysia, 70 percent of the women are studying in higher education institutions while the balance belongs to the men. Due to this situation, more women will be appointed to hold important positions in society.

    This situation does not only happen in Malaysia, but also through out the world and this issue always been a hot topic to be discussed. The issue is also a crucial topic and it is raised again and again by the female group.

    From the Islamic perspective, the Hadith mentioned that women have nine lusts with one aql’ (cleverness) while the men have been gifted by the God to have nine aql’ and one lust.

    In the Quran (38:26), it mentions a khalifah (leader) should be wise in making a decision and not based on lust. Therefore, Islam does not support the idea of having women to be leaders in any institutions because the women who have nine lusts also tend to follow their emotion, rather than using their aql’.

    I’m not being too biased towards the men on this issue although I’m also a man, but history proves most women who became rulers fall one after another.

    Cleopatra who turned to be the queen of Egypt at the age of eighteen after the death of her father, was said to perform suicide by letting an asp to bite her because she received news telling her second husband, Mark Anthony from Roman Empire died. And her reign was left without any ruler which then transformed into the Roman province.

    In conclusion, whether he or she is the leader in any institution he/ she should let the emotion aside and rule the followers accordingly to Islamic teachings and principles.

    Besides, the followers should also be wise and always refer to the Quran as the primary source in choosing the leader because the leader would be the representative of the people.

    At the same time, the leader acts as a ruler. The leader is also responsible; whether to bring peace and prosperity to the followers, or drag his people towards disaster. Wallahualam..



  • Alshiffa Alaa 11:34 am on July 22, 2008 | # | Reply

    Islam does support women ruling and having high positions up to presidency. It was said by the men of religion lately that when the prophet said: any group of people who have a women leader would succeeded. That was in a specific occasion and all the queens that were mentioned in the Quran were not faulted in anyway by allah. I am with u that its not the common thing most women are controlled by their feeling. And i am with u that they are forgetful and emotional but some women have the ability to control their selves and feelings for a better benefit. If the woman has that ability why cant she rule. And after all the people of the country would choose her if she was capable of leading the country through war, famine and disaster.

  • Alshiffa Alaa 11:37 am on July 22, 2008 | # | Reply

    I made a mistake in the saying by the prophet PBUH: wouldnt succeed not would succeed

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