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  • 05:30:09 am on August 29, 2007 | 0

    According to Encarta Dictionary, the meaning of peer can also best describe as friend, partner or associate. While the word ‘pressure’ gives the meaning as applying of a firm regular weight or force against somebody or something.

    When the words ‘peer’ and ‘pressure’ are combined together, it gives the meaning as by using the force of friendship, it has the power to influence someone to do something as what other friends are doing, whether it’s right or wrong.

    German-born American psychoanalyst Erik Erikson proposed a theory of human development that stressed the interaction between psychological and social forces. This theory showed strong evidence that each human exerts social force towards another person whether consciously or unconsciously.

    Peer pressure does not only affect the women, but also to the men. For instance, a person who is afraid to commit a crime would do it if he was being encouraged by his friends.

    A statistic conducted on students at Henry Gurney School by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Firdaus Ahmad Azzam, a Mass Communication lecturer in International Islamic University Malaysia, showed 80 percent of its member committed crimes because of following their friend’s.

    As a matter of fact, the Henry Gurney School is a school that provides education like any other school in Malaysia, however the students of that school are people who previously have committed crime.

    Nevertheless, peer pressure also contributes to something good. For example, Fraternities and Sororities, associations, mainly of college or university students and alumni, are established to further the social, academic, professional, or humanitarian interests of members.

    Social fraternities and sororities contribute to the social development of members through organized social events and service projects for the public.

    As a conclusion, one needs to have a strong faith and must know to differentiate what is right and wrong. If he knows what is good for him, based on religious teachings, he should follow them and do what is right.


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